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Our manifesto

Reinvent business / Regenerate society
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We witness that the promise of a common future is no longer obvious

Human-induced climate change, the unbridled digitalization of society, the weakening of common good and the growing inequalities are all issues that call into questions the very meaning of our actions.

No meaning without a shared future!

We believe that crises are always opportunities.

This awareness of our vulnerability forces us to invent new ways of thinking and doing : respectful of nature, of our humanity and of our future. Around the world, new experiences, knowledge and innovative solutions are emerging and ready to be spread.

Long live the creative ruptures !

We are exploring the principle of "Regeneration".

By combining the science of life and the power of digital the new regenerative economy breaks away from the old mass economy. This economy no longer goes against nature but is inspired by nature, learns to go hand in hand with nature. It abandons the exploitation of resources in favor of the exploration of both our natural and human strengths, in order to constantly renew them : the regenerative economy is a generous economy.

Give more than we take !

Because they are first and foremost communities of men and women that aspire to contribute to the necessary ongoing transition. Because their power combined with their agility is the best approach to address the complexity of today's challenges. Because transforming their model by collaborating with their ecosystems is necessary to allow emergence of a new abundance.

We think that companies have a decisive role to play.

Create ethical and economic value !


We cultivate the slash spirit.

Our experience allow us to imagine with our customers the models of tomorrow / our expertise enables us to support their implementation today. Imagin/able has designed a powerful and original method that allows each company to reveal the scope of its new possibilities. And to codesign the most relevant strategic innovation to meet their own challenges.

See the bigger picture / pay attention to the details !


We assure that all the solutions exist.

Companies must seize them and set up the conditions for their application. We guide them in the transition of their model, whatever their level of maturity. Because we consider that it is time to go beyond simple compliance and implement truly regenerative strategies.

Imagin/able : we imagine / we strive !

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