Our emblematic projects

Four projects to quickly understand what we do
Bocage (Eram's Group)
Positive innovation and fast-fashion : the new business of multi-life renting shoes service.

Facing evolution of consumption's behaviours and fast-fashion challenges, Bocage (Eram's Group) is the first brand of shoes to offer a more sustainable alternative to its clients : the renting of shoes coupled with a commitment about its second-life through a repackaging in its French plant. Imagin/able accompanied the brand in its transition toward this new functional, circular and inclusive model.

The "collective experience", a 3-day-seminar gathering 15 intrapreneurs.

How to elaborate a program of intrapreneurship with positive impact ? By taking up this challenge, Imaginable/able co-constructed the program "Danone For Change". This method allowed to enrich the projects regarding new economic models, to formalize business models and propositions of augmented values of the projects as well as their business cases (evaluation of the market's size, calculation of solution's break-even, evaluation of positivity level and of each project's disruption), to prepare project's deployment by identifying hypothesis to trial and the next steps for their effective installation.

How to make neurosciences the booster of your CSR strategy to (really) transform your organization !

Co-construct and mostly deploy a CSR strategy still remains today a real challenge for CSR Directions. With the help and support from Jacques Fradin, expert in neurosciences and founder of the Funds of Research of the Institute of Envrionmental Medicine, Imagin/able codevelopped a unique approach which allowed Ferrero to take advantage of the latest discoveries about neurosciences to ensure a real, deep and sustainable change inside their company. 

Crédit Agricole Immobilier
Extra-financial reporting or integrated report, how to make them levers to revisit its "business & CSR" strategy.

New rules of reporting can appear to be an additional constraint on compliance. But they can also be real levers to creat new links with business strategy : contextualization between stakes and big societal challenges, elaboration of a business model based on the operational value chain and the contribution of professions in the creation of augmented value, many ways to demonstrate the benefit of CSR to strategy.

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We guide companies in the evolution and the transition of their economic model through strategies and positive innovations. By making converge amelioration of practices and business models and innovative products and services creation, we lean on approaches and co-construction tools to overtake limits of current operation methods.

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