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Our emblematic projects

Four projects to quickly understand what we do


Support in partnership with R3 Finance

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We accompanied Melvita in the formulation of its Raison d'Être

The return of R3 Imagin/able

Starting from the new raison d'être "Resourcing the world" and the new strategy based on Plural Performance, we supported the Group Purchasing department in taking into account the new functional and circular models.

In doing so, we have repositioned the purchasing function in a global and strategic vision to contribute to the Group's plural performance objectives, buyers are thus moving from "cost killers" to "creators of plural value".

Exploring synergies with R3 Group

The integration of these new models, in particular the transition from possession to use, has been accelerated by R3 Finance's expertise in leasing and lease back and has made it possible to implement new projects, in particular on first heavy industrial equipment.

The case of
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Raison d'Être
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We accompanied Melvita in the formulation of its Raison d'Être

The Imagin/able's feedback

This exercise revealed that beyond neutrality, Melvita has a real potential for positive impact on all its stakeholders.
Further proof that the Raison d'Être may be the fundamental pillar of a CSR approach, but also a strategic steering tool.

What our client says

Despite our strong advance and our pioneering positioning, it was very important for us to construct and develop our Raison d'Être. I had already had the opportunity to do two other Raisons d'Être in the past, and I was able to measure in a very concrete way to what extent Imagin/able's methodology allows us to go further and in a much more concrete way.

Claire Viano,

DG France et Benelux, Melvita

The case of
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Contributory Strategy

We assisted Crédit Agricole Immobilier in the formalization of its Contributory Strategy (Business & CSR)

The Imagin/able's feedback 

This new approach to business and CSR strategy is particularly interesting because it perfectly balances the relationship between CAI and its key stakeholders.

It's a win-win; CAI is committed to serving their interests (which is, by the way, the Group's raison d'être!) while perpetuating its business and achieving its various objectives (obtaining land, attracting and retaining talent, building customer loyalty, having the best partners...).

The case of

What our client says

The four new business models developed by Imagin/able are very promising because they allow to revisit, with the operational staff, the way of operating their business and their expertise. The benchmark presented by the team was very eloquent (revisiting our own practices that served as circular or functional models). In parallel with all this work, the group defined its medium-term plan and its Raison d'Être, which gave us a new impetus and strengthened our convictions. We have been led to review our business in the light of the major societal and environmental challenges that we must meet.

Catherine Pouliquen,

Director of Communication and CSR

Stratégie Contributive
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Positive and Sustainable Innovation

We have accompanied the Bocage brand in its sustainable innovation approach.

The Imagin/able feedback

We are particularly pleased to have been able to show that it is possible to create new, viable and profitable business models to keep treating oneself to pleasure while drastically reducing the waste of fast fashion and boosting women's self-confidence.

Another reason for satisfaction is the positive innovation dynamic that this approach has set in motion internally, and in particular the Sessile intrapreneurship project that has given rise to an eco-socio designed sneaker.

The case of

What our client says

We let ourselves be carried away by the Imagin/able methodology. We started from something very broad, without knowing where we were going, and little by little things revealed themselves to arrive at a clear and obvious concept: the Atelier Bocage. Imagin/able also accompanied us on the experimentation and financial modeling, allowing us to make the concept concrete and economically viable.

Clémence Cornet,

Director of the Bocage brand

Innovation Positive et Durable
Marketing et Comportement
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Marketing and

We accompanied the Ferrero group in its marketing strategy, towards a gourmet and satiating consumption.

The Imagin/able feedback

This mission was an opportunity for us to test the reflections and methodologies that we developed with the neurocognitivist Jacques Fradin. It is based on the concept of satiating consumption based on nudges, i.e. "mental boost" to bring about a massive and long-lasting change in behavior.

Carine Bedoya

Positive Strategy Manager

Working with Ferrero is fascinating. The subject is complex and challenges some certainties, but we are pleased to see the teams get to grips with the subject. Marketing therefore has a key role to play in the ecological transition by accompanying behavioral changes to promote pleasure and sharing.

Thomas Busuttil

Founder and Director Imagine/able

The case of
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