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General principles of its commitment to CSR

The creation of the Imagin/able firm in April 2008 by Thomas Busuttil was clearly focused on supporting companies in the development and implementation of their sustainable development approach, which has since become CSR.
As former Director of Sustainable Development, a position he had held in several large groups, he was very aware that one of the greatest difficulties of this type of approach was the consistency between his words and his actions, whether they affect economic and financial, environmental, social or societal dimensions.

It is for this reason that Imagin/able has since its inception sought to develop its own internal approach based on a few fundamental principles  : 
- Imagin/able is a humanist company based on knowledge, sharing, respect and tolerance which implements a real distribution of value, for its employees as well as for its suppliers
- It has employees curious about the world around them, autonomous in their actions and their development, convinced of their mission and determined to do their part to accelerate the necessary transition of our company, in their professional commitment, internally and externally. externally, and if they wish personal
- Its relationship with its customers and suppliers is based on a strong commitment in terms of involvement and quality of deliverables and on a truly partnership vision of respect and balance in its relations with all of its stakeholders.

All of the actions and measures that contribute to guaranteeing its general principles of commitment to its CSR approach are described in the 4 following appendices  : 
- Vision, Mission and offers

- Ethics policy and business practice

- Social Policy

- Environmental policy

These four appendices as well as these principles are likely to evolve over time depending on the possible evolution of the issues with which the firm may be confronted and the progress/difficulties that we may encounter in their implementation.
Aware of the difficulty of keeping this consistency between words and actions, we are open to any exchange, any proposal, suggestion allowing us to improve its principles or their implementation, in particular through our contact box.  ; .

Ethics Policy and  business practice business ethics and deontology


Imagin/able is committed to implementing rigorous principles in terms of business ethics and professional conduct by ensuring:

• To respect the principle of integrity and the code of ethics relating to consulting activities, in particular with regard to confidentiality and conflicts of interest;

• To banish any practice of corruption, commercial agreement, unfair competition or money laundering;

• To respect the intellectual property rights of its customers and its competitors;

• To respect the various regulations and legislation relating to its activities;

• To ensure the transparency of its financial data and ensure that they are reliable and accessible to all. In addition, Imagin/able also refuses to work with sectors that it considers incompatible with its mission and its ethics, in particular armaments, tobacco and pornography.

Respect for human rights

Imagin/able considers the issue of respect for human rights as fundamental and is committed to:

• Ban forced labor and child labor and respect human rights as defined through the various ILO Conventions;

• Banning all discrimination in terms of recruitment, development or remuneration and all practices that could be qualified as harassment;

• Promote internal social dialogue. In addition, Imagin/able undertakes to exercise vigilance with regard to respect for human rights by the suppliers and subcontractors that it may have to employ.


Quality of services and customer satisfaction  


Imagin/able is committed to ensuring high quality standards for its customers and to implementing any practice that enhances their level of satisfaction.


Responsible purchasing


Imagin/able undertakes to be vigilant with regard to the social profile of the products and services it buys and the suppliers and subcontractors it employs, in particular by resorting, when possible, to local suppliers and service providers. and implementing better social practices. In addition, Imagin/able undertakes to respect payment deadlines and to maintain healthy and balanced relations with its suppliers and subcontractors.


Respect for data and privacy


Imagin/able, in line with the European Data Protection Regulation, is committed to respecting regulatory obligations in terms of data protection and to implementing principles of responsible use of data and respect for privacy. .

Social Policy

Health and security

Imagin/able considers the health and safety of its employees to be its primary social responsibility. He engages himself in :

• Ensure continuous vigilance vis-à-vis the individual workload and compliance with rest periods;

• Pay close attention to safety issues, particularly in terms of journeys;

• Encourage participation in the many convivial events of its Remix coworking space.


Organization of working time


Imagin/able seeks to make its employees autonomous in the organization of their working time and is therefore vigilant as to:

• Respect for the balance between personal life and professional life, in particular in the choice of working hours, the implementation of management by objective and the establishment of the day package;

• Has the possibility offered to work from home 1 to 2 days a week.


Training and evolution

Imagin/able is convinced that the skills of its employees constitute its main intangible capital and has made skills development a strong focus of its business plan by:

• Organizing once a year for all employees an annual interview to assess the past year and jointly define the objectives for the next year; • Reviewing all employee training requests and actively investing in their development each year;

• Encouraging the gradual increase in skills of employees through continuous support and transfer of knowledge and progressive experience, particularly in the management of customer relations.

• By strongly encouraging its employees to go to events (conferences, symposiums, etc.) allowing them to develop their thinking and their skills.


Compensation and Benefits


Imagin/able wants its employees to be widely involved in the company's success by:

• Redistributing a significant proportion of its annual result in the form of an individual bonus;

• Offering significant benefits including 100% coverage of health insurance, transport and telephone costs and lunch vouchers up to 50%;

• Offering remuneration beyond the legal minimum for interns (1000€ gross/month + advantages identical to employees except mutual insurance because already covered).


Citizen engagement


Imagin/able encourages the involvement of its employees in societal and civic initiatives by offering them the possibility of volunteering during their working time up to 1 day per month.

Environmental policy

In general, the Imagin/able team aims to reduce its environmental impact as much as possible in all actions related to its activity and in our behavior within the co-working space in which we work. .




Imagin/able is committed to promoting the use of transport with low greenhouse gas emissions, in particular through:

• 100% reimbursement of employees' public transport season tickets (Pass Navigo and Velib');

• Systematic use of the train for journeys lasting less than 5 hours;

• From July 1, CO2 compensation for 100% of travel. In addition, Imagin/able implements principles to limit travel by:

• The priority given to telephone and videoconferencing tools;

• The possibility for employees to work at least one day a week from their home (teleworking) and more broadly through management by objective which in particular makes it possible to optimize transport (no compulsory return to the office, staggered hours, etc.).




Imagin/able is committed to reducing its consumption of materials and the generation of waste by:

• Systematic recourse to the dematerialization of deliverables and the reduction of printing to what is strictly necessary. On this point, we have set ourselves a target of less than 1,000 printed pages for the entire team in 1 year.

• The priority given to the publication of documents in PDF format accessible on the website with regard to the firm's communication.

Waste management and environmental impact of offices


Imagin/able is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its office activities by:

• Actively involved in the “Remix Green” project of its coworking space, which aims to reduce the overall environmental impact of offices located in the 10th arrondissement of Paris;

• Educating its employees on reducing waste generation and sorting it and on low energy consumption.


Responsible purchasing


Imagin/able undertakes to be vigilant with regard to the environmental profile of the products and services that it purchases and the suppliers and subcontractors that it employs, in particular by giving priority to the products with the best price from a environmental and/or societal.



The Imagine/able team

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