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Integrating a re/generative business dynamic allows to align the speech with the economic model, and to stop seeing as antinomic the economic performance and the sustainability of its business model.

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Interview of Thomas Busuttil for the Entreprise Contributive

An interview on the economy of functionality, presenting its advantages and challenges, illustrated by Atelier Bocage.


Interview of Clémence Cornet, Marketing Director of the brand Bocage

Interview in our place at Remix Coworking to talk about the collaboration between the brand and our team to build the service-offer "L'Atelier Bocage".

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Interview of Thomas Busuttil, Founder of Imagin/able

An interview on Imagin/able's vision of the regenerative enterprise, a real lever to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

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How to reconcile innovation and the search for meaning? 
Interview for e-marketing

An interview to demonstrate the benefits of Positive Innovation in rethinking its business model towards an activity that responds to societal and environmental challenges.

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