Positive Innovation

The key way to build a world up to today's challenges

The structure of our positive innovation vision is based on an observation and a conviction: we are living in a unique period that combines an ecological crisis, a digital revolution and profound sociological changes regarding our relationship to work, consumption and property.

The speed of these changes imposes both incremental and disruptive evolutions on companies in all sectors, with sometimes radical transformations of their business model and their organizations.

Aware of the difficulty of these changes to invent tomorrow's business without losing the business model that makes today's profits, Imagin/able has developed an approach and methodologies to support companies in this complex and difficult transition.


Discover how new sustainable business models are helping us to rethink the business for a contributory or even re/generative activity.



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Thomas Busuttil spoke at the Fashion Green Days in October 2020 to share his vision of the re/generating company, illustrated by an exemplary brand: 1083!


Imagin/able was partner of the first Circular Fashion Trophies, and on this occasion, produced a series of four articles on fashion and new economic models.

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