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R 3 Imagin/able is a
purpose company 

Re/inventing our models,
Re/generating our ecosystems

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Our purpose :


"We support the transition of companies and actors in society by designing and implementing positive and sustainable strategies and innovations"

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Des arbres d'en haut
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Our mission :

"By bringing together the improvement of practices and the creation of new business models, offers and organizations, we rely on approaches and methodologies based on co-construction in collective intelligence in order to go beyond the limits of current modes of operation and move towards a regenerated society connected to the living."


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Build and enrich our ecosystem to leverage our expertise and accelerate the transition

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Our goals :

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Make the quality of our deliverables and our support a lever of trust to maximize the efficiency and impact of our services

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Be exemplary in our practices to guarantee the consistency of our positioning and our ambition


Continue to inspire our customers and stakeholders to expand possibilities and facilitate change


Guarantee the innovative and sustainable dimension of our methodologies and our tools and develop them to respond to the urgency of societal and environmental challenges

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