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An integrated offer with R3 Group entities

All of our offers are an integral part of R3 Group's offers and are complementary with the different expertise of its entities: decarbonization roadmap, financing strategy, CSR diagnostic tools adapted to VSEs-SMEs... The synergies of our ecosystem allow to best meet your needs to maximize the impact of your projects.

The originality of our approach

The methodological elements that guarantee the systemic approach of our solutions.


An entry

by your societal and environmental challenges

Our offers

Our expertise developed over the past 12 years
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Ad hoc projects

How can we capitalize on our expertise in CSR and Sustainable Innovation to help you in your projects?

At Imagin/able, we believe it is necessary to think outside the box to truly innovate. 

Have you got a project? a challenge? a problem? We will see together how to adapt our know-how to your context.



How to formulate it and make it the foundation of its strategy?

Contributory Strategy

How to develop your strategy so that it becomes contributory?

Positive and Sustainable Innovation

How to initiate your business model transition?

Re/generative Strategy

How to drive its strategy to become a re/generating company?

Marketing and Behaviour

How to develop a sustainable marketing strategy incorporating the latest behavioral science research?


How to formulate it and make it the basis of its strategy?


Projection into a desirable future and definition of your societal utility

Identification of your material and immaterial assets to achieve it

Identification of your fields of legitimacy and your ethical foundations in order to elaborate the basis of your evolution

Dual dynamic
The business model

Linking the Raison d'Être to your business model and operational value chain

Evolution of



Stakeholder buy-in

Operational implementation

Planning of
Raison d'être

Contribution strategy

Linking Business and CSR

How to develop your strategy so that it becomes contributory?​

Identification of the major societal and environmental challenges of the business sector

Benchmark of inspiring multi-sector and business-relevant practices

Put things into a
Pedagogic perspective
Business and CSR strategy
Development of a

Stakes mapping to identify issues

Materiality exercise to prioritize stakes

Integrated business model to reveal "extended" value creation

Elaboration and/or review of a CSR and Business contributory strategy

Operational deployment

KPIs to assess overall performance and ensure effective reporting

Pragmatic roadmap and deployment allowing the transformation of the company thanks to the onboarding of internal teams and stakeholders

Planning of
Stratégie contributive

Positive and sustainable innovation

How to initiate your business model transition?

Positive and sustainable innovation

Immersion in innovation via


  • Inspirational practices on business opportunities that meet your societal challenges  


  • New sustainable business models

Immersion in

Identification of:

  • fields of legitimacy

  • tangible and intangible assets

  • innovation challenge(s) related to your societal challenges

Of your business model
Of your business model

Development of the business model with tools

“Sustainable by design”  


  • stakeholder value proposition

  • sustainable business canvas

  . . .

Financial modeling and testing


  • Proof of concept

  • minimum viable product

  • roadmap

  . . .

Innovation positive et durable

Re/generative strategy

How to push your strategy to become a re/generating company?

Re/generation fields

Identification of re/generation fields:


  • identification of your main challenges and positioning on your value chain

  • Identification of externalities on the operational value chain

Identification of
Prioritization of issues
With strong re/generation potential

Selection of priority issues based on different re/generation criteria:

  • strategic reach

  • ability to influence

  • magnitude of impact


To the business model

Development of the roadmap and implementation of pilot projects in the field


Expansion to the entire economic model and work on its evolution

Stratégie Régénératrice

Marketing and behavior

How to develop a sustainable marketing strategy integrating the latest research in behavioral sciences?

Societal changes

Monitoring and analysis of societal developments and expectations.

Interpretations of these evolutions thanks to behavioral sciences.  



Current marketing practices

To determine the changes to be made, and to develop the new strategy.

Confrontation with
With the business model

Link with the business model and alignment with the offers to guarantee its durability.


What value creation? 

  • Service approach,

  • Volume/value passage,,

  • Premiumisation...

Alignment between the model, the offers and the employer brand to ensure consistency.

Marketing et comportement

Interested in our approach?

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