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Main principles about its commitment to CSR area

The creation of the firm Imagin/able in April 2008 by Thomas Busuttil was clearly centered on accompanying companies to elaborate and implement their sustainable development approach, now called CSR.

As a former Sustainable Development Director, function he has practiced in several major groups, he had a strong awareness that one of the main difficulties of this kind of approach was coherence between his speech and his acts, as much as in the economical and financial, environmental, social or societal dimensions.

This reason is why Imagin/able has, since its origin, searched to develop its own intern approach based on fundamental principles :
- Imagin/able is a humanist company founded on knowledge, sharing, respect and tolerance which implement a real distribution of value, as much as for its employees as for its suppliers 
- It has employees, curious about the world that surround them, independent in their actions and their development, convinced of their mission and decided to make their part to accelerate the necessary transition of our society, through their professional engagement, in intern as well as in extern, and if they want it personally
- Its relationship with its clients and its suppliers is based on a strong engagement in terms of implication and deliverable's quality and of real partnership-vision of respect and balance in its relations with all of the stakeholders.

All of the actions and measures which contribute to guarantee its main principles of engagement in its CSR approach are described in the 4 following appendix :
- Vision, Mission and offers
- Ethical policy and business practice
- Environmental policy
- Social policy

These 4 appendix and these principles are likely to evolve in time in function of possible progress of the stakes which the firm might be exposed to and improvements / difficulties that we could run into in their implementation.
Awares of the difficulty to keep this coherence between speech and acts, we are open to all kind of exchange, all kind of proposition, suggestion that could allow us to improve their principles or their implementation, mostly by our contact mail adress ; contact@imaginableforgood.com.

Ethical policy and business practices and moral code


Imagin/able commits itself to execute rigorous principles concerning ethics of business and moral code by making sure : 

• To respect the principle of integrity and moral code relative to consulting activities, especially in the vigilance of confidentiality and conflicts of interest ;

• To banish all kind of corruption's practice, trade agreement, disloyal competition or laundering ;

• To respect rights of intellectual property of its clients as for its rivals ;

• To respect different regulations and legislations relatives to its activities ;

• To ensure transparency about its financial data and make sure to make them reliable and accessible to all. In addition, Imagin/able refuse to work with the sectors that it judges to be incompatible with its missions and its ethics, especially armament, tobacco and pornography.

Respect of human rights

Imagin/able considers that the question of human rights is fundamental and commits itself to :

• Banish forced labour and child labour and respect human rights such as defined through the different ILO conventions ;

• Banish all kind of discrimination concerning recruitment, evolution or remuneration and all kind of practice that might be qualified of bullying ;

• Suppor social dialogue in intern. In addition, Imagin/able commits itself to practice a vigilance on respect of human rights by suppliers and subcontractors with which it could work with.


Quality of services and client satisfaction 


Imagin/able commits itself to ensure high quality standards to its clients and implement all kind of practice allowing to reinforce their satisfaction level.


Sustainable purchasing


Imagin/able commits itself to be vigilant concerning the social profile of the products and services that it buys and the suppliers and subcontractors it works with, especially by the recourse, when possible, to suppliers and local providers and implementing social practices best-bidder. In addition, Imagin/able commits itself to respect deadlines of payment and to maintain healthy and stable relations with its suppliers and subcontractors.


Respect of data and privacy


Imagin/able, in line with the European Regulation on data protection, commits to respect regulatory obligations in terms of data protection and to implement principles of responsible use of data and respect of privacy.

Social policy

Health and safety

Imagin/able considers health and safety of its employees as part of its first social responsibility. It commits itself to :

• Ensure a continuing vigilance concerning the individual workload and the respect of rest time ;

• Pay a lot of attention to security issues, especially in terms of traveling time ;

• Encourage participation to the many convivial events of its coworking space Remix.


Organization of work time


Imagin/able searches to make its employees independents in the organization of their work time and therefore is vigilant to :

• The respect of balance between private life and professional life, especially in the choice of work hours, implementation of a management by objective and the set up to a day-plan ;

• The possibility to work from its home 1 to 2 days a week.


Training courses and evolution

Imagin/able is convinced that the skills of its employees form its main immaterial resource and made the skill development as a major approach of its company's project by :

• Organizing, once a year, for all employees, an individual interview which allow to make the evaluation of the year passed and to define jointly goals of the following year ;

- Examining all of the requests of training course of its employees and investing actively, each year in their evolution ;

• Promoting the progressive skills development of the employees by a support and a continuous knowledge transfer and a progressive role playing, especially in the management of client relation ;

• Strongly encouraging its collaborators to go to events (conferences, colloquium,...) that allow them to develop their reflection and their skills.


Remuneration and advantages


Imagin/able wishes to widely associate its employees to the company's success by :

• Redistributing a significant part of its annual results as an individual bonus ;

• Offering significant advantages such as the 100% payment for health-insurance, the transport and phone fees and luncheon vouchers to 50% ;

• Offering a salary beyond of the legal minimum for the interns (1000€ gross income / month + identical advantages as the employees except for the health-insurance that is already taken care of).


Citizen engagement


Imagin/able encourages involvement of its employees in its societal and civic initiatives by offering them the possibility to commit themselves voluntarily on their work time for one day per mon.

Environnemental policy

In general terms, the Imagin/able team has a goal to reduce at maximum its environmental impacts in all its actions linked with its activity and in its behaviours in the coworking space in which we work.




Imagin/able commits itself to promote use of low greenhouse gas emissions transports especially by :

• Fully taking care of the public transport subscription for the employees  (Navigo pass and Velib’ service) ;

• The systematic use of train for the travels lower than 5h ;

• From the 1st of July, the 100% CO2 compensation of its business trips. In addition, Imagin/able set up principles that enable to limit business trips by  :

• The priority given to telephonic and video conferences tools ;

• The possibility for the employees to work at least one day a week from their home (teleworking) and more generally, by a management by objective that especially allow to optimize transports (no obligatory return to office, rescheduled hours,...).




Imagin/able commits itself to reduce its consumption of materials and the waste creation by :

• The systematic use of dematerialized deliverables and the reduction of printings to the strict necessary. On that point, we fixed ourselves an objective of less than 1000 pages printed for all of the team in one year.

• The priority given to publication of PDF documents with an access through the website for the firm's communication.

Waste management and office's environmental impacts


Imagin/able commits itself to reduce the environmental impact of its office activities by :

• Actively involving itself in the "Remix Green" project of its cowroking space that aims to reduce the global office's environmental impact based in the 10th arrondissement of Paris ;

• Sensitizing its employees to the reduction of waste management and their sorting and to a sober energy consumption.


Responsible purchasing


Imagin/able commits itself to be vigilant to the environmental profile of its products and services it buys and to the suppliers and subcontractors which it works with, especially by giving priority to best-bidder products in terms of environmental and/or societal aspects.



All of the team Imagin/able


We guide companies in the evolution and the transition of their economic model through strategies and positive innovations. By making converge amelioration of practices and business models and innovative products and services creation, we lean on approaches and co-construction tools to overtake limits of current operation methods.

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