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The mission


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The Melvita brand created its Nature Charter and launched the first honey-based skincare range: Apicosma. Throughout its development, the brand has kept this pioneering spirit of organic cosmetics, from the Ecocert certification in 2002 to the ISO14001 certified factory in 2013.

With more than 200 organic beauty products and 10 patents registered, Melvita wanted to translate its commitments, values and ambitions into its Raison d'Etre.

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Our approach

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Workshops based on collective intelligence and neuroscience

A reflection centered around the desirable future, societal utility and Melvita's tangible and intangible assets

The resonance with the operational value chain and the CSR strategy

A comparison of the Raison d'Etre with the 4 new sustainable business models

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The results

The achievement of its Raison d'Être now allows Melvita to rely on concrete strategic assets:

#01 Structuring initiatives around a coherent approach  

#02 Enriching relationships with its stakeholders

(collaborators, customers, sourcers...) around common values  

#03 Unique and differentiating value proposition thanks to long-term commitments  

#04 Construction of a reference framework for the years to come 

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Our client's feedback :

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In spite of our strong progress and our precursory positioning, it was very important for us to do this work of building our Raison d'Être. I had already had the opportunity to do two other Raison d'Être's in the past, and I was able to measure in a very concrete way how much further R3 Imagin/able's methodology allowed us to go and in a much more concrete way.

Claire Viano,

CEO France et Benelux, Melvita

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