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The mission

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After carrying out a first support mission to formalize their contributory business strategy, we proposed to Ferrero France, based on the neuroscience research of our partner Jacques Fradin, to help them move from an addictive consumption approach to satiating consumption by promoting a tasting approach for all. ​

This proposal echoed the Group's reflection on the Gourmandise4ever approach that they wanted to launch.


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Our approach

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   With who ?

First the Communication, External Relations and Social Commitment teams to reflect on the objectives of our support.

Then, we involved all of the Product and Marketing France Departments of the group's five main brands (more than 70 people) to raise their awareness and reflect on the new challenges of sustainable marketing and nudges.

   How ?

One day of online training including: ramp-up timescompetence on the principle of nudges, led by Jacques Fradin, expert in neuroscience, and times for collective reflection to apply the concepts mentioned to the reality of each brand and Product Department of the group.

   The originality of the approach

  • Prior identification of challenges by brand, linked to the Gourmandise4ever approach and integrating the societal and environmental challenges of each of them

  • Reflection centered around neuroscience and the contribution of "nudges", tools to support consumers in changing their practices

  • A global reflection on the brands' business model, including the entire value chain, from design to the final tasting experience

  • A dislocated business approach

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Results observed

  • Homogenization of the knowledge and postures of all the Product Departments of the Group's brands​

  • Implementation of the group approach within the brands via the identification of concrete leads, particularly around multi-sensory tasting​

  • Realization of the impact of this new posture on the professions through a "dislocated" approach

...and futur prospects

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  • Explore the potential for synergies between brands identified during the training and correct the current dysfunctions revealed​

  • Deepen knowledge of nudges to integrate them in a sustainable way into the daily life of marketing teams​

  • Support the deployment of projects resulting from this training, by brand and multi-brand​

Our feedback

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" This mission was an opportunity for us to test the thoughts and methodologies that we have developed with the neurocognitivist Jacques Fradin around the concept of satiating consumption from nudges, that is to say "coup de mental thumb" to change behavior on a lasting and massive scale. The reactions and the great interest of the participants showed us the relevance of this approach and shows the potential of this type of approach to contribute to getting out of consumption patterns that are detrimental to the physical and mental health of consumers."

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