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The mission


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Crédit Agricole Immobilier launched its CSR policy in 2014. It included a program to raise awareness of the challenges of sustainable development and the impact of the company's businesses. 


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In 2018, we accompanied CAI in the review of this CSR policy in order to integrate it further into the company's activity and businesses and to give it a systemic dimension.​


Our approach

2 levers to create new links with the business strategy:

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Contextualization of the activity with the major societal challenges and the current issues of the sector

Development of a business model focused on the operational value chain and the contribution of the businesses in the creation of broader value

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The results


Crédit Agricole Immobilier is resolutely asserting itself as a contributory company. Its CSR commitments are now intrinsically correlated to its activity.

The new strategy reflects CAI's commitment to its key stakeholders: communities, customers, employees and partners, involving broader value creation.

It builds trust to reinforce preference, in a coherent and aligned economic model both in its values, its businesses and its offers and in the expectations of its internal and external stakeholders. 

From a responsible company...

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... to a contributive company

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Our client's feedback :

It was very interesting to see and materialize the contribution of CSR in the business world.

Catherine Pouliquen,

Communications and CSR Director

Interactive, close to business concerns!

Herve Cardon,

CSR Director

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