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About us...

"If you feel like you're too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito."
Dalaï Lama
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10 to 15 years old.
This is what the scientific consensus gives us to neutralize our environmental impact at the risk of going into a climatic unknown that the human species has never known in its existence.

This is the number of people in the world who hold more than 50% of the planetary wealth.

These figures testify to the systemic imbalance that we have created and that a tiny virus that we have deconfined has accelerated and materialized much faster than the thirty years of IPCC reports on the evolution of our climate.

They also show the urgent need to rethink our way of conceiving, producing, consuming and, more broadly, of “making society” .

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At R3 Imagin/able, we are convinced that we have the means to achieve this, that we have these brilliant capacities of creativity and resilience but also of empathy and "taking care" that characterize the human species... when it puts its energy into building and connecting rather than destroying and isolating. In other words, we can “give birth to a dancing star” rather than sinking into civilizational chaos.

This is why we want to bring, on our modest scale, our share of ideas, projects, ways of thinking and implementing our business models to demonstrate that there is no fundamental contradiction to think “business” and “sustainability” , without going into the growth vs. decline, we can continue to think of “human development” and therefore progress.

To do this, we continue to perfect our sustainable innovation tools, to deepen our re/regenerative business methodology, to integrate neuroscience to support teams of employees and consumers in behavioral changes that must be massive if we wants to give itself a chance to continue to exist in a few decades.

More than ever, we remain motivated and determined to support you and facilitate this transition and achieve our own ambition: to reinvent business / regenerate society.

Thomas Busuttil

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Our commitments


  • Ensure individual development through management by objective, autonomy and trust


  • Encourage collective intelligence and ideation


  • Ensuring well-being at work through flexible working hours, teleworking and coworking 


  • Ensure quality deliverables through our continuous improvement approach  

  • Guarantee the transparency and co-construction of our methods


  • Propose an ambitious and pragmatic added value to the approaches of our customers 


  • Highlight the expertise of the partners who accompany us

  • Share the value created


  • Feed and feed ourselves from our ecosystem

Society and planet

  • Materialize our B-Corp status and the commitments that arise from it


  • Prefer local and committed service providers with innovative approaches for our purchases

  • Lead by example through our daily behaviors   

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Our in-house partners

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What we are proud of

Guide towards a re/generative company

Hundreds of clients supported

A unique methodology in constant improvement since 2008

A network of

expert partners


integrated at each stage

of our interventions

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